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Kwaad said: I just want to say. You said you've made 800$ over 8 months. You said in one of your posts... you have a check for something like 140$ on the way. That means you have NOT passed 100$ every month. That's your numbers. You proved your credibility. Or lack there'of. :)
no i have not made $100 every month. the first few months i was on the site i made between $35 and $70. since then i've been doing more and more offers and therefore have been earning more and more, and now i earn minimum i would say $115 every month if you check out the site's forums, you will see people who had started out making around $50 a month and now since then have been doing more and more offers on the site after seeing the credibility of the site and now earn upwards of $600 a month.