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luisgvm said:
well i remember that the last time i played FF12 i was at the end of the game i had done almost every sidequest. the only stuff i never finished was the fish esper that was locked in the mine (that esper was freaking hard!!!!!!!!), and the final dungeon. and i had like 250 hours. how can you guys finish a game so fast??. you guys need to enjoy the game!!!.

You mean Zodiark right? He isn't that hard, more than the factor of having a good equipment setup to avoid it's 50% Instant Death Darkja attack.

Omega Weapon was even harder, especially if you didn't use a Decoy+Reverse strategy XD

But I agree, FFXII was way longer than FFXIII. I'm currently at 82 hours, and i'm almost finishing all the missions and just need to get full crystarium and inventory to get the final trophies. 

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