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Ubisoft animation director Jan-Erik Sjovall has told CVG that the publisher has "lost so many Prince of Persia players to God of War" - but is hopeful it can get them back with new release The Forgotten Sands.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, the PoP man said that many players miss the challenge and brutal moves from the Sands of Time games - but Ubisoft's trying to tempt them back with its next instalment.

"When we make questionnaires and we ask, 'what did you play in the past?' The answer's 'Prince of Persia'. 'What do you play now?' 'God of War'. 'Would you play Prince of Persia again?' 'No, it's not hard enough'," Sjovall told CVG.

"So the idea [with Forgotten Sands] was clearly that we'd try to bring our old audience back, but also we're winning a new audience."

When asked why he thought Prince of Persia players switched over to Kratos' adventure, the animation director said: "Partially maybe the animations - the death animations.

"A lot of people ask, 'will you have gore in the game?' It'd fairly interesting. We want to have interesting fight sequences in there but not indulge in the violence like God of War does. We want to keep it interesting so the acrobatics, the story and the whole look are all supporting each other and people go, 'yeah, I want to play that game


Forgotten Sands - which is due out in May - will "expand the Prince of Persia universe with a new storyline, the introduction of new characters, and new powers over nature and time," says Ubisoft.

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