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mario64 said:

DS and Wii simply don't have enough technical abilities to bring great games on it anyway.

What an idiotic thing to say.  Khuutra already gave you the reason why above.  Suggesting that great games can only exist based in tech is really, really shallow and just plain stupid.

You and leo-j need to get over that fact that Nintendo games and system sell so well.  Clearly you guys are having an inner-struggle in trying to rationalize Nintendo DS and Wii popularity and success when they don't coincide with what appeals to your own personal tastes and worldview.  To you guys, PS3 and PSP should be on top - and if they aren't - you try to rationalize it with "clever marketing" or "those stupid casuals" to make yourself feel better about it.

How about, "Nintendo's software resonates with far more people than Sony's software does" - the proof is in the numbers.  Just accept it and move on.  The truth doesn't hurt... or does it?