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@Max King of the Wild

"Week of release Blu-rays = same price as DVD... how is it about price?"

New releases on BD and DVD are usually this close in the U.S;
The Narrows BD $26.49
The Narrows DVD $22.99
Grumpy Old Men / Grumpier Old Men (Comedy Double Feature) BD $14.49
DVD $13.49

And, here is an example where BD can be cheaper;
Staten Island BD $15.49
Staten Island DVD $17.49

I've been collecting films for a long time, and went throuh all the Laser Disc and DVD prices from their beginnings. BD prices are relevent to what they were around the same ages of those formats. People then too complained endlessly about how expensive DVDs were. The thing is tho, prices of BDs seem to be comming down faster and being release much faster, aslo.

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