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Euphoria14 said:
superchunk said:
RE: Kids and 3D

My kids (4,6,7) absolutely LOVE 3D stuff and have asked repeatedly why they can't watch stuff at home in 3D.

Sony is just back peddling to its investors as to why Nintendo has once again beaten them to the next requirement in gaming.

Also, considering Sony's push for 3D TVs using the active shutter system (which I despise), Nintendo is one-upping the idea with the far more realistic approach of no glasses.

What was Sony supposed to do huh, stick 3D TV Sets on top of their PS3 models?

Sony will be first to the market with 3D gaming. Sony have been the ones pushing for 3D for a long time now.

Don't act like that isn't the truth and all of a sudden Nintendo are the 3D gaming pioneers.

You do also know there are TVs releasing that require no glasses right?

By the way, I still think this new DS is absolutely fantastic and I will be picking it up on day 1, especially if this E3 showing blows my mind like I expect it to.

I don't care about having to wear/buy glasses (I only go to 3D movies in theaters), I just wish Sony and the other TV companies had focused on the Passive system vs the Active Shutter system. This way the additial cost would have been in the TV instead of each pair of glasses.

So, instead of paying $1500 for a TV and $100-$200 per glasses; you'd pay $2000 for the TV and maybe $2 per glasses. Far more reasonable when you consider the number of people and children in an average movie night/sporting party.

Sony is NOT the first to the market in 3D gaming. PC's have been doing it for awhile now. Again, with very expensive glasses. In fact, with PCs you can make any game 3D.

I never said Nintendo pioneered 3D gaming, just that, as usual, Nintendo's solution will become the standard. i.e. a no glasses system.

TVs with no glasses are not coming out to mainstream users for a few years, which is why I bought my $800 Sony TV in February vs a $1500 "3D" TV. I figure I can buy a far better 3D version for $2000 in a few years and save the money now since the Active Shutter system that Sony and others are pushing royally sucks.

I agree on your last point and very well may grab one myself.