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MonstaMack said:
Yeah DICE/MS has completely forgotten about Rallisport Challenge series. GO play RS2 and It's still one of the most beautiful racers years later.

Crimson Skies was a amazing game that I have no idea why MS has not revisited on the 360.

I believe 2k Sports has the Links team and title but has done nothing with it. Links 2004 is still my favorite golfing game to this day.

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath: I'd like to see a new one tho I doubt we ever will.

Phantom Dust: What a gem, where is the sequel?

Otogi 1/2: From Software came back with Ninja Blade instead of Otogi 3? Shame on them.

Voodoo Vince: This was Microsoft's best platformer. I'm guessing it didn't sell well though.

DICE is owned by EA now, but MS still owns the IP

MS licensed Crimson Skies to Smith and Tinker and also all of the FASA IPs in 2007, they've only announced a new MechWarrior game

I'm still not sure why 2k bought Links without ever releasing a game, must be scared of Tiger Woods Golf