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I think this is the worst final fantasy I have played so far I'm only in chapter 6.

Reasons in no particular order:
The story is horrible I don't like how they split up the characters. I think it would be better to develop team comradery before splitting up characters

The constant line following on the map gets old fast and I miss talking to people in towns.

The upgrading system is the worst I have ever seen it is boring and gives little freedom of choice in building your character.

The battle systems is boring and is way worse than 10 and 12.

The boss battles often get boring as they take forever. This wouldn't be a problem if the battle system was actually fun.

The best thing going for the game is the graphics which kick ass!!!
I hope this improves, still the game is enjoyable, but is the worst I have played (those being 7-13 excluding the stupid mmo).