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Christhor said:
dobby985 said:
Fighting games that aren't Smackdown vs RAW or UFC Undisputed. I.e. Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat. They are all so boring.

JRPGs because they usually take too many liberties with the RPG elements, the story is nearly always spiky-haired youth with big sword saves the world, cutscenes that last way too long! =/

Hey that counts for WRPGs too, in Fallout 3 I was a spiky-haired youth who saved the world!


OT: It's not really hate, but I do dislike Sports games. They can be fun once in a while though.

Fallout 3 was crap though. The main thing I was talking about is that JRPGs focus too much on the narrative and not enough on the gameplay and RPG elements. The original RPGs (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and then Diablo, Baldur's Gate etc...) didn't really have any kind of storyline. The 2 main things that matter in an RPG are leveling and character development (i.e. equipping items, upgrading stats etc..) not storylines which is exactly what modern JRPGs focus on and is the reason I don't like them.