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Rath said:
gustave154 said:
Seece said:
gustave154 said:
well this definitely makes masturbating for my future kids when they turn 12 easier.

LOL, that reminds me of the time I found a used condom in me and my ex's room, he said he used it to jerk off, yeah as if I fell for that BS ..

Uhh are you a Male or Female because on your user profile it says you are male....

so since you have a boyfriend , are you... you know... G*Y?

don't get offended though cause i have alot of G*Y mates too xD

Why he caps and * for gay? o.O

@Cougar. Seriously, I'd rather buy extra small condoms than go into a shop and say I'm buying them for my 12 year old XD

hahaha can you imagine the looks you'd get, either way


and lol@gustave, you don't have to censor the word gay, its not a bad word

Highwaystar101 said: trashleg said that if I didn't pay back the money she leant me, she would come round and break my legs... That's why people call her trashleg, because she trashes the legs of the people she loan sharks money to.