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Twistedpixel said:
Cougarman said:
Twistedpixel said:
Cougarman said:
naughty dog has consistently released great games in the last 3 genarations at a faster rate than Polyphony, i really think they are better than Polyphony for sony

Quantity sure, but quality no. Their games are full of compromises which Polyphony would never make.

Uncharted 2 disagrees with you

Uncharted 2 is full of compromises.

  • Scale of the gameplay is limited.
  • no MSAA at 1280/1080 which makes aliasing evident.
  • No backtracking.
  • No split screen.
  • Gameplay isn't as good 2nd time through due to reliance on cinematic presentation.
  • Reliance on automatic actions, in GT5 you control the car not the AI.

Naughty Dog and Uncharted 2 are therefore inferior to Polyphony and GT5.

nothing is more limited than cars and straightforward tracks that never change.

eh.... backtracking is considered a lazy thing to do.


your reasons are really weird and just shows you are just biased. =s

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