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Monster Hunter is the ONLY 3rd party exclusive that is actually worth mentioning. However, like I said, name one game that would be like a GTA or Assassin's Creed that flopped and you can't (note, this doesn't mean actually AC or GTA, but games with the same production values). There have been 0 blockbuster attempts on Wii that have failed. Maybe this is because no one has tried, but if so, then you can't use it as an argument that they do.

Also, Just Dance 2 isn't an easy profit. Look at Shaun White Snowboarding. It was a HUGE success on Wii compared to PS360. So what did they do? More of the exact same thing and guess what happened, the Wii audience dismissed it because there wasn't enough change. Look at the Guitar Hero/Rock Band scene. The games were doing great (also doing great on Wii) and they kept on putting out more of the same, and now the most recent versions are flopping (in comparison and probably in general). If you look at the party sports games, they are selling worse and worse every single time. There is no guarantee that Just Dance 2 will succeed, and Nintendo has never once shown that repeat games will sell on the Wii. In fact, they've shown that ports from the previous generation flop horribly with the New Play Control series.

I'll bring up LAIR. The game was supposed to be EPIC, it was AAA, it had a big budget, it would save the PS3, and it didn't sell. In fact, it essentially put the dev right out of business. Now why put a bunch of money/effort into creating a new core game on PS3 with a risk of it bombing? You ask this question as if core games are a guaranteed sell on the HD systems but they aren't. The only reason we see more "core" games selling well on the PS360 is because they are actually put there. When it comes to multiplatform titles, they get put on PS3, X360, PSP yet the PSP version usually sells horribly (assassin's creed anyone, or the soon to be Dante's Inferno). There is no reason they need to shun the Wii because it "isn't powerful enough". Heck, Street Fighter IV is on iPhone and hopefully PSP, but still no mention of Wii even though it would work perfectly fine and Tatsunoko is selling well.

The Wii never had a chance to break any imaginary image that the industry put on the thing, because no one ever gave it a chance. Nintendo isn't kiddy, they are family and they make quite a wide range of titles from E-T (and publish a few M titles). They wouldn't stop a single GTA, AC, or FF from being put on the system, heck, they have the most violent murder simulator ever on the Wii. Because 3rd parties have refused to put the main titles on the system (or ever try once) there is a false notion that Wii owners don't want good games. Heck, Resident Evil 4 is about to pass the GC version, and all Capcom provides is a light gun test game (I like light gun games, but they don't make for a good test for other types of games) to see if the market wants more 3rd person horror games.

I don't have time to type more, but in summation, you can't say that Wii can't sell big 3rd party core games, when there are none, and you can't say that 3rd party core games are a safer bet on PS360. You also can't say that it is guarantee that kiddy party games will sell, as I can point out hundreds of those that have flopped too.

That is one long post...

Just Dance is selling well, and has great user reviews. I would say it's a game selling on word of mouth/parties, like a lot of other Wii games. It also has the attention of teenage girls, and mums. Which Shaun White didn't have. As we already know from a number of other games and sources, the female market on Wii is huge. Just Dance 2... Will sell. I guarentee it. I'm willing to bet on it selling 1m within a matter of weeks.

LAIR failed, badly. But not due to the game itself being bad, due to the controls for the game being terrible. With better controls it would have gained better reviews and then also would have sold well, i think. Hey, it could even be at about 600k NOW if we had Others sales for it. Sure, not the best sales... But after the reviews it gained it didn't do TOO bad. But i do see what you mean with the costs arguement. I think it's also why we see few 3rd party exclusives now on HD systems, compared to what we saw a few years back. It's a reason why games like FF13 went multi.

You also have to take into account that everyone thought the PS3 would walk away with the generation, and the fact that MS got a whole bunch of devs on the 360... This meant that the game engines for the big games, were based on the HD consoles. Why start developing for Nintendo's next console, when they were selling less and less every generation? You would start with the big boy, the PlayStation. If you have something similar, you would also use that (the 360).

When you look at the big picture, from the start of the gen you see the devs already having the big game engines on the HD consoles, along with the big franchises already being developed for the HD consoles. Why would you then later take your franchises away from the HD consoles, a proven market now for big core games, and put them on the Wii, which is still an unproven market that will buy pretty much anything you throw at it.

As for the Red - The industry didn't put an imaginary image on the Wii, Nintendo gave the Wii its image with how they advertised the console and it's games. When your ad's are like this, this, this and this... You can't say the rest of the industry gave it the image it has.

But, i ask you. What do you think is the actual reason for the Wii not getting the big games like Assassin's Creed, GTA... Etc? I'm sure you know why i think it happens.

yea... my post was way longer than I thought it would turn out, and I'm sure this one will to

Anyways, the two reason that the big multiplatform titles haven't made it to Wii is

1) because every analyst wrote the system off for dead before it ever launched (expecting less than 20m sales). It also had the "kiddy" market cornered before launch according to analysts. The advertising didn't matter, the analysts and industry had already decided that Nintendo was kiddy no matter what they did. I can't watch the youtube videos now, but I'm assuming you are linking the Wii would like to play commercials, which are pretty well even keel. PS3 advertisements at the start of the gen were "hardcore or die", so in comparison I guess you could claim Nitnendo's advertising was "kiddy". Obviously this is a half valid reason for games coming out 1-2 years ago.

2) because the devs just don't want to try. They come up with any excuse they can (only 1st party titles sell, only party games sell, my crappy test game didn't sell). Give me 1 good reason why Call of Duty should be ported to the Wii 2 years late rather than at the same time? It obviously sells well enough, but the Wii gets shafted. SFIV is going to iPhone and they want it on PSP, and again the Wii gets shafted. Remember, the Wii can't handle RE5's title screen when the game came out, but now it could be done... yea, 3rd parties can't really hide that they just don't want to.

I'm not even saying that Wii should get every 3rd party game, but it should get some big exclusives, all the games it is getting now, plus a good chunk of the multiplatform titles that it isn't getting. There are 67m Wii owners, and sure there is some overlap between the owners, but even if 50% of the Wii owners own a PS3/X360 adding the Wii to the CoD release list would add another platform of the same size as the X360 OR PS3.

anyways, this is getting more off-topic with every post. As I stated, there is no evidence that big 3rd party multiplatform games wouldn't sell on Wii, and in fact most evidence backs up that it would if it ever got a fair shot. And as for the original reason I even started posting in this thread again... Just Dance selling (whatever it will end up being) does not prove in any way that Wii owners want bad games, and as you even stated it has gotten great user reviews. I'm yet to actually read a real review that says why this is a bad game.

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