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Lost tears of Kain said:
Girl Gamer Elite said:
The forum needs trolls, without trolls, there is no drama, without drama, there is nothing to discuss because everyone is then respectable and mature.

If super trolls like Gballzack are long gone, its a natural desire to find someone else in any way similar to them so that they can be turned into Gballzack which everyone claimed to hate but seem to miss so terribly. People like Ckmlb, MontanaHatchet, SSj12, Legend11 and Kber81 (All avid Hardcore Gaming enthusiast) want so very desperately for Gballzack (A Nintendo troll I assume) to still be here that they insist on turning every new Nintendo trouble maker into an alleged Gballzack clone account. It makes sense really why they want a Gballzack, If The Wii is murdering the Ps3 and 360 in sales, gobbling up all the franchizes and Nintendo gamers are for the most part mature and passive forum contributers, then there is a problem, because their is nothing for the haters to focus their contempt for casual gaming on. They need something Nintendo related that they can hate on and not be trolls themselves, that's what Gballzack was, the only thing Nintendo related that deserved hate. Without Gballzack here what did they do? They turned on the site and called the site and its mods Nintendo biased. They need Gballzack as their catharsis. Do people so easily forget how desperately others wanted to turn Soriku into Gballzack. How many people have you people seriously hung as Gballzack on this forum?

SSJ12 and Montana want me permabanned so are constantly trying to bait me into a situation where they can get away with it, so it makes sense why they would want to stir the pot. Others vary from bored Sony fanboys to the relative equivalent of Internet moral crusaiders who on principle alone take a stand against anyone who might be a returning individual who was permabanned.

Grow up Children, grow up.

You live in some dream world i have no way to describe. No side has complete mature gamers, and saying so is only proving their point of how pro nintendo you are.

Calling us haters is one thing but calling ALL nintendo posters mature is just outragous. Considering we not only have proof of how pro nintendo this site is you really have no reason to talk.

Considering you should be permabanned by most of the comments you make doesnt suprise me.

Considering topics like these, i consider how normal or mature you really are.