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AnthonyW86 said:

I'm actually with Ubi on this 100%. I actually expected this kind of system to pop up years ago. Because if this works it could stop piracy, and that means finally more real PC games. Let's get some facts straight here:

Every single person with a capable gaming PC has an internet connection, so no problem there.
Games like WoW require you to be online to play aswell, and nobody complaints there.

Because let's face it, piracy has gone over the top. We al saw the estimates from bittorent from last year and that was just a fraction of the problem. Again don't blame this on Ubisoft, blame it on the people pirating games!

I really think we've reached a threshold here, and there are only two options left for alot of game developers: Get this or a similair system to try and stop piracy, or mostly abandon PC gaming.

Im with you and Ubisoft 100% on this.

The article gave conditions like gaming laptops where you may not have an internet connection. However thats BS because you'd burn through your battery in less than 90 minutes playing off battery and usually where theres a power source theres an internet connection. If not, how many people won't have a 3G mobile or better within a couple of years? So when you run inside to plug it in, you've got internet back to save woohoo!

The DRM here really is the placement of saved games online. That means you can pirate the game, break the authentication but it won't help because you can't save the game. So sure, you can argue about 'downloading to test' the games and be 100% right whether the intentions there to buy or not because it effectively renders an offline version as an unlimited demo.

I would personally prefer an unobtrusive DRM like this over CD-checks, cracks etc and if the piracy issue can be solved I can return to gaming full time on my PC because I will know all the games I could ever want will be day and date releases with consoles. I think anyone who wants a return to the glory days of PC gaming ought to support this. I want the PC games to actually have value, rather than just feeling like im a douche for actually paying for them when nobody else does.

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