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amp316 said:

I'd say that's about exactly what it's worth.  Take this as you will. 

Don't get me wrong.  There is fun to be had.  If there wasn't, it wouldn't be worth anything.

The positives:

Jack is a cool character in the mold of Snake Plisken that does things his own way.  He also wears a jacket that has a wicked looking logo that looks great on a video game cover.  Oh... he also has a chainsaw attached to his arm.

The combat initially impresses.  You can put a garbage can over an enemy's head, run him through with a sign post, and then whip him repeatedly into a wall of spikes.  Also, you can just slice them up with your chainsaw.

The boss battles are interesting and fun.  My favorite was probably the one against the guy on the motorcycle ( I forget his name).

The game definitely is cool looking and has a lot of style going for it.


The negatives:

The game is way too short.  My file read 3:39 after I was done with it.

The combat eventually gets extremely repetitive.  You can put a garbage can over an enemy's head, run them through with a sign post, and whip them repeatedly into a wall of spikes.  Also, you can slice them up with your chainsaw.

The contrived wannabe Running Man story is horrendous.  It tries to make a simple beat 'em up into something more than it is and falls miserably on it's face in this respect.

The commentators' jokes in the background are extremely juvenile and worst of all, not funny.


So there you have it.  I don't feel ripped off for picking up Madworld at $19.99, but would have been extremely upset if I had bought it at $49.99.  If this is your type of game, then it's worth it at this price.  I would suggest picking up No More Heroes at the same price over this though if you don't have it.  It's a much better game. 

For those of you who have played it, do you agree or disagree with Madworld being worth exactly $19.99 or any of the points that I discussed above?