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i can relate to this topic kinda. just for the simple fact, i own all three consoles this generation including the handhelds and all of last generation consoles.

i'm addicted to purchasing cheap/lower priced games that are within my budget. so if i see games that are like $5 a piece and they are interesting to me then i will buy it and my collection just gets bigger and bigger.

i have like 40 something games or more total within my collection and i play all the consoles each when i get the chance. its hard and i tried to play one game per console but that just doesn't work for me. first i get bored real quick and second i must have a variety of games to play and besides i'm a collector. i buy games. its not an addiction its more like an hobby and something i like to do. rather than doing drugs and getting drunk. i'm actually keeping myself occupied and not bothering anyone.

my suggestion to you is to say, your not moving away from gaming i just think personally you just are winded and you need a break. just take some time off and get yourself together and then come back and play a game or two. the same with vgchartz. i'm not on this site 24/7. i have a iife outside of gaming but its a hobby. i don't know if someone said something to you to get you to be like this but whatever it may be just take a relaxing vacation and then come back!

to be honest after seeing this thread the first time through i had to rethink my gaming and after tonight i confirmed that one game per console is "yuck". having multiple games to play is where its at!

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