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Raze said:
otoniel said:
averyblund said:
otoniel said:
im gonna buy it but when its cheaper
im not gonna pay $50

This is the reason Wii games fail so often. The typical buyer is not willing to shell out for a really great game. Sad.

well if the game wasnt so short or had a huge replay value then i would buy it at regular price 

but a 5 hour long game with little replay value at 50 dls naaaa is not worth it 

i heard so many good things about this game and i want to buy it 

as a fact i will buy it but not for $50 

5 hours? Where'd you get that from? I've clocked about 15-20 hours so far. Maybe it would be 5-10 if you use walkthroughs and cheated through it.

Sounds about right to me. I clocked in about 7 first time through and was neither rushing nor inspecting ever detail.  How far in are you at 15-20 hours?

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