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Even though Diablo III and Starcraft II probably wouldn`t be very demanding spec-wise (Blizzard`s spec requirements are generally more modest than usual and they make the effort to optimize their games. Valve seems to be the same way btw), I think they should release on consoles anyway because there will be people who have an old laptop or desktop that can`t run SC2 or Diablo 3 (I`d be surprised if my laptop can`t run these but my laptop is pretty new). The 360 badly needs to incorporate USB mouse and keyboard support though. I can`t imagine Starcraft with a controller. I think they could adapt Diablo III to the controller but I personally can`t imagine playing it any other way than with a mouse and keyboard. I`m so used to clickity click click and the hotkeys. And I`m not much of a PC gamer so it says a lot when I say that I can`t imagine Diablo on a console.

I`m not that excited about Blizzard games though. I`m not that big on Starcraft (I like it but not that much) and IMO Diablo just hasn`t been the same since Diablo II. Diablo 2 was better for multiplayer (unless you played with friends. Diablo 1 co-op with honest friends who won`t stab you in the back or steal your dropped loot if you die is very enjoyable) but Diablo 1 had a much better atmosphere and gameplay experience. Exploring the dark dungeons in Diablo 1, you were really on your feet, you felt like you could get gangbanged by packs of minions any split second if you didn`t pay attention. And killing monsters for xp, gold and loot. That was fun. I miss that dark, gothic, slow-paced dungeon crawling atmosphere. Diablo II doesn`t have that feeling and Diablo III looks like WoW. Everything from the great atmosphere-setting music to the darker lighting to the great sound effects of the minions to the slow dungeon crawling pace and the sense of danger makes Diablo 1 a much more fun experience than Diablo 2.