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Steroid said:
I think if Valve would simply admit the reason they don't develop PS3 games is because Microsoft gives them money not to, instead of making up a new lie every other month then it would be a non-issue.

It's not about PS3 owners whining about not getting another generic first person shooter expansion pack, it's the way that valve presents themselves on the issue that they just look like a bunch of morbidly obese fanboys.

Doubt that is really the reason they are porting to the 360 and not ps3. Most likely reason, which has been stated, is because  360 development is much closer to the PC than PS3 development. They port it to the 360 to make an easy buck with minimal effort . They tried outsourcing the orange box to EA, and saw how that turned out and so decided to just skip ps3. I also think the reason they keep saying things is because the "journalists" keep asking them questions about it.


As much as the ps3 fanboys cry it is not going to hurt valve. They are a private company that owns steam and has high sales on their PC games, which are very good. If they were a public company I would say maybe they should go out there and hire some ps3 devs, but it is also likely that since they are private they wish to keep staff numbers down and thus doing so would only distract them from their real money makers.



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