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Blood_Tears said:
1337 Gamer said:
Let valve do what they want. They have the Talent and Catalog of games for us not to question them. It sucks for PS3 owners but any real gamer will have a gaming PC or a 360 to back it up.

Valve = Best developer of all time so their "arrogance" is completley valid.

Can you share some of that Valve kool-aid, or did you drink it all?

All time is a bit much.  Though they are up their when it comes to highly rated games.

Best First Person Shooter developer of all time though is hard to debate though.

So if FPS is your favorite genre... it's pretty obvious why you would think they were the best.

Me i'd go with someone like Nintedo who has a much wider catalogue... (even though personally there are other devs i like more.)