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silicon said:
Soriku said:
Steroid said:
Let us speak plainly.

Money talks. And when Carnival Games outsells Punchout, The Counduit, House of the dead Overkill, Dead Space: Extraction, No more Heroes, Tales of Symphonia, Okami and Fire Emblem COMBINED what sort of a message do you think that sends to third party developers?

Too bad there's no data on World of Goo though (Wii's only AAA rated third party exclusive).

And despite that, many core games are still on the Wii and many core games are coming to the Wii. I wonder how that must work out for you :(

Yeaaaaaaaaaah....I don't think companies are so close minded that one exception puts them down like you'd like (hope) to believe.


What is that based on and what does that mean?

That, despite the thought of Carnival Games selling better than those games he listed, companies are still putting quality core games on the Wii.

When a big game flops on the Wii, call us. Otherwise this is a horrible example proving why third party core games sell on the Wii.

famousringo made a good point with Muramasa crushing this game in sales. Why? Because people actually cared for it. This game...not so much. I'm sure if it was a TPS like Dead Space 1 the response would've been different. BUt calling it a "test," a "guided first person experience," and so on? Yeaaaaaaah....that won't work out for you.