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mancandy said:
Soriku said:
FishyJoe said:
Uh, Dallas that's not what I wrote. Click the link, that's what he wrote to me.

Uh...so what's your point? You just came in here and posted that >_>


FishyJoe is basically calling konnichiwa a hypocrite for posting something about physical threats and how rediculous they are when he's done the same thing here.

And ya don't see the difference? Fighting for plastic or emotions?

And if he wants to fight then it is okay for me, he always can tell me when he is in Europe.

PS: Thx Soriku, you are the only one seeing that he is a MOD who is trying to pick a fight with me.

Edit: I don't want to have a fight on this forum because it is for cowards, if FishieJoe is a real man (again) he is welcome to let me know when he is in Europe so we can fight this over like real man and not like Coward kids with big mouths on a forum especially when one of them is hiding after a mod status.