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W29 said:

I like the current batch of games that are avaliable for the PS3. I like Folklore and Lair, they have bad reviews. Just that Wii owners were expecting bad reviews and bad sales from those games. For me I as a PS3 or rare PS3 like those games, and I'm satisfied. I would rather have a somewhat so-so PS3 libaray then have a big libaray and can't purchase all those titles!

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 And I'm not going to argue your decision.  You're cool with your console and games and anything I say shouldn't change that.  I simply see these people that constantly complain their console is collecting dust (PS3, Wii, and 360 owners say this) and these are generally the people that buy their console based on potential and not games released.  

Even if there's one or two games out when you buy your console you have to ask yourself what do I do after I finish those games?  That's why it's nice to make sure you actually have some sort of selection proportionate to the price.  That's just my simple little theory.