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Soriku said:
steverhcp02 said:
the worst part is how desensitized Soriku appears to be. Dont know how old you are, but to open up a topic like this for open conversation and to serious joke about things like seing peoples reactions or laughing about your friend being a dumbass is very sad for the owner, the dog and you. Sorry, man, youre just a terrible person, end of story.

'K. If I keep getting these stupid responses I'm calling for a lock.

 wtf, dude, i think you need to take a dep breath and grow the fuck up. You made a mistake, you thought wed laugh with your sorry desensitized highs chool punk ass. This shit is not funny. Your at fault here, not the people with souls or morals.


i always wondered how old you were base don you rposts...but now youve just fucking sprinted past the line of decency......no one should take you seriously ever again you piece of garbage.