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You know what I don't get?

I understand that people are very emotional about people killing dogs and such.....it's a horrible behavior and should never be forgiven. Yet when people like kitler53 say that killing a baby is forgivable, but not a dog....I always have a WTF moment right there. Since when was killing human beings more forgiving than killing dogs? Have we been THAT desensitized as a race that we don't care what happens to fellow human beings, yet we not dare harm a smaller creature? Where was this compassion of "kicking someone's ass" or "i would kill him" when the person who tried to kill a man who just bought a PS3? Or the guy who tried to get a hitman to kill his parents? Or when this same kid who killed the dog punched a kid in his neck and he now has to wear a neck bracelet? Killing anybody or being cruel like this is wrong...whether it's a dog, cat, gerbil or human being. Or maybe I'm just taking this too seriously...I have been having a really bad day today...

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