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S.T.A.G.E. said:
darthdevidem01 said:
Which only proves perpride that FF13 will be the one of the biggest games ever!

I had the same hype for FFXII going. Too bad for me. Lost Odyssey filled that void for me.

DUDE FFXII WAS FREAKIN AMAZING!!! Easily a part of the top 5 Final Fantasy games. It was honestly amazing to have FFXII bring me back to PS2 even though I already owned a 360 by the time it came out. Probably my last favorite game for PS2. Amazing in almost every way.

FFXII = Best RPG of 2006.

Lost Odyssey = Best RPG of 2008 (and so far this generation).

I'd probably say FFXII is a bit better, Lost Odyssey was absolutley amazing but I felt like a few hours of it could have been cut and the story could have been WAYYYY more epic. It was still AAA in my books, pains me to see that it has not broken a million yet.