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A couple things - For one, any list of the greatest consoles ever should probably leave out the current generation, simply because we don't know where they will go or how much longer they will last. If for some reason the 360 stopped selling at all right now, then it should legitamitaly fall about 10 spots on the list. If the PS3 goes on to sell 100 million consoles, then it has to move up. Also, objectivity gets clouded when you're currently playing the systems you're ranking with systems you haven't played in 10-20 years. Its just how it is.

Secondly, your opinion that if you've played all the systems considerably, it being obvious the 360 is the greatest of them is simply laughable. It's fine that that is your opinion, but it doesn't mesh with mine AT ALL. And I'm guessing with a lot of peoples. Don't assume you're the only one and "the truth" with knowledge of all the systems.

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