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Although I agree heartily on a personal level with the list, I feel that they are backwards of what much of the gaming world would think. I'm personally glad they did this, it's been a nice trip back through the generations (I had a 2600 back when I was 6, it's been quite a ride). You HAVE TO remember that these are people, and these are their opinions, to back them up they actually put out some cogent reasons. They may not be your opinions, and you may disagree with their reasons. I have a really hard time with people who CANNOT get over their love for their toy of choice, and must bash people on a personal level because they like a different TOY! I'm going to say it again, IT'S A FRICKIN' TOY! Give it a break, read the article, or don't, agree or disagree, but try to be a respectable human being about it.

OP: I actually think from an innovation perspective, the original Xbox beats the 360. Hard-drives, Live and Halo were really big game-changers.