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Q1. 1.1M ps3s sold (http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/financial/fr/09q1_eleki.pdf)
Lets assume each quarter is a perfect 13 weeks.

Remaining weeks = 39
Remaining sales estimated = 11.9M
Average per week = 305K

That seems a little high, even with big game spikes and christmas to come. The time already spent this quarter before the slim release also drags that average down. THe next earnings release will give us a better idea about how much. It might be doable if all games release on time.


Edit: According to Sony's IR for Q2,3,4 last year, they sold 8.5M PS3's.

Using the same 39 weeks, average per week was: 217K

So, do we expect sales to increase by a bit less than 50% year on year.