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jacks81x said:
Untamoi said:
jacks81x said:
Sure, you can use some generic $2 HDMI cable, but keep in mind that you're restricted to using your TV's built in speakers to output the audio then. The cables that came with the 360 in the past comes with the digital output connection built in so you can set up surround sound out of the box.

Or, if you have new receiver with HDMI ports, you can plug HDMI cable to receiver and from there to TV. You just need 2 generic HDMI cables for that. So you can set up surround sound even without 360 official cables.


That's true, but unfortunately I do not have the newer receivers that have HDMI ports.  So if I were a new 360 customer, I would have to buy a brand new receiver just to set up surround sound. 

OR you could use HDMI to your Panel and optical to your receiver. Even the not so new receivers have at least one optical in and the optical cables are the same as HDMI....cheap as hell with a little research.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.