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At the end of last year there was a rumor that PS3 was getting a price in march,that time PS3 sales were affected a bit after these rumors.Many people after hearing this rumor delayed their PS3 buying plans and waited till march for the price cut to happen.But Sony didn't cut the price of the PS3.

It can be that it was just a false rumor or it can be that Sony changed their strategy because of it but it hasn't happened just once.It has happened with various other Sony announcements.It can't be that all of these rumor's are wrong.

It can be that Sony had something in mind but once it was leaked out in the media and various analysts predicted that it would happen,Sony tried to prove them wrong so that in future people don't believe the media and the analysts.Remember if Sony had cut down PS3's price in March,people like Patcher and other analysts would have been a big name for themselves cause of their right production and in future if anything similar was to happen,people would listen to them and delay their buying plans which would affect's Sony.

This my opinion about the matter and i think they did try to derail the media somewhere along the line.

The vast majority of all rumours are entirely fabricated to draw attention to someone, and the only reason why some of the rumours become "True" is because to make the rumour believeable it uses well know facts that could lead to the outcome of the rumour.

Basically, the (relatively) poor sales of the PS3 along with the cost reductions from the movement towards more advanced manufacturing processes are good indicators that Sony may be able to manufacture a smaller and less expensive PS3 in the near future. The rumours that the slim PS3 will be announced at the next major trade show are (almost) always made-up but eventually one of these rumours will become "True"