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scottie said:
net revenue is simply the total amount of money brought in by the console

the 'real numbers' are the profit, ie the net revenue minus the amount spent to bring in that revenue. That is why the PS3 may win in net revenue, but due to high production costs it may still lose in profits. Same applies to the PSP/DS

The only thing released this quarter are multiplat games for which development occured simultaneously, the cost cannot be divided into PS3 and 360 as a large amount of asset is shared across platforms.

The only difference would be the manufactoring cost which we know are more expensive on the PS3 and should net less overall profit, but since manufactoring is a quantity that can be reflected on sale and thus is incremental in both revenue and profit, the net revenue still matters.

Scat has explained the apparent reason for the PS3's superior revenue but I'm too dumb to find the number he stated on the link, hoping he can explain it in 'stupid man' speech as I'm interested in finding the reason for the unlikely disparity.