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Onyxmeth said:
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Here you go, Onyx.

Thanks man.

Ok so it's the quarter ending June 30th, making the start date likely April 1st. Here's what was released on PS3 and 360. There were no exclusives.

Fight Night Round 4
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
The Godfather II
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10
Rock Band Track Pack Classic Rock

What I don't understand is that the 360 versions of all of these games outsold the PS3 versions, or in the case of Harry Potter, matched them. The 360 has a couple hundred thousand more across the five titles, but understand this doesn't take into consideration Rock Band downloads, however even that would supossedly favor the 360. Does anyone smarter than me want to venture into why the PS3 accounted for more revenue than the 360?

BTW, congrats to EA for great Wii business. They truly do get it.

Definitly NOT smarter, but there are two things going on here: 1) GAAP is a standard, but as with all standards, does not perfectly report business revenue for all types of businesses, that is why EA finds it important to include non-GAAP earnings as well (peep those, paint a bit of a different picture, huh?), and 2)  Microsoft and Sony report thier revenues from on-line sales diferently; Sony reports them in the quarter they occur, MS ammortizes them throughout the year.  Can't find the link on that, but will update when/if I do.