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If true then it's good Sony is able to profit from the PS3 now. And if a Slim is coming then it would also explain why its gaming division took such a hit. Hopefully Sony will be able to turn things around this time next year and be able to make some more moola. Young Money ENT!.....Sorry back on point.

So $240 for a PS3 and if retailers only receive 10% the total cost for a PS3 on shelves would be $226? if my math is right that would mean Sony is making about 174 bucks a console? if this report is correct. Good for them

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"In video game terms, RPGs are games that involve a form of separate battles taking place with a specialized battle system and the use of a system that increases your power through a form of points.

Sure, what you say is the definition, but the connotation of RPGs is what they are in video games." - dtewi