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thx1139 said:
Yeah and by the way anyone interested in some swamp land in Florida. It is obvious that something isnt correct here. If that was the case Sony gaming division (and new Network group) would be showing a profit. Maybe we have been wrong all along and it is the PS2 and the PSP that sell for a loss.

You're kidding right? Have you put a moment's thought into those Q1 financials? If in May it was estimated they are losing $40 per console this means only $44 million out of a total $389 million loss. That means the PS3 is only just over 10% of the network division's problems. And the rest of gaming probably cancelled out PS3's 44 million losses, which possibly means none of the $389 million loss comes from the overall sale of gaming products.

I concur that 70% is for the slimline. It's good to know that slimline can come out at $299 and make money for Sony. It might just help to dig them out of a hole.

Then again they could be lying.

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