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outlawauron said:
bbsin said:

OP updated. If you use a headset or not, post it and I'll add it.

I'll be up playing this later, I still need to rest since my right had is super sore after trying to get this combo by heart (I've been going at it all night yesterday):

MANTENBOU B -> C -> HCF+D -> C -> 9, QCF+C -> 2C -> 9, B -> C -> D -> 66 (in air) -> C -> 6C -> DP+D -> 6C -> 3C -> RDP+C

This is the first time I've exclusively used a joystick for a fighting game, it's taking a toll on the back of my hands.

Wow, I only use the d-pad. It screws me over a little bit when I have to pull a quick special, but it works.

The stupid thing is that I'd get the motion perfect (according to the training input) but Litchi would sometimes do nothing or just plop her stick on the ground. I used to get this combo off 50% of the time but the more I practice the more I mess up or run into new mechanical errors.