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Procrastinato said:
HappySqurriel said:

In completely unrelated news THQ has posted a loss of $431 Million in 2009 due to the rising costs associated with the high development cost and poor sales of their HD games ...



This is totally related.  They mentioned they canned a bunch of hardcore Wii titles, not a bunch of hardcore HD titles.  They usually can the ones eating up too much money...

The majority of their R&D on the HD titles they released recently was spent 1+ years ago, bud -- you, know, when they were profitable.  A bunch of devs probably believed they could develop serious Wii games for dirt cheap, THQ bit, and then a zillion rising-cost titles kept demanding more money, because "oops" they underbudgeted.

You don't seriously believe their recent losses are the R&D costs of their titles that hit the shelves that quarter, do you?

oh please where do people like you come from? do you honestly think a loss of  $431 million is due to canned Wii games and Wii R &D? Hell if they spent that much on the Wii then we would see 10 x AAA titles at $43million each.