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Very poor today Very poor. Vidic, recentley named Man Utds player of the year got flat footed by Eto so easily. What was Ferdinand doing on that cross? I mean Messi is fcking 5 7. COME FUCKING ON. I cant stand to see Man Utd lose on poor defending. Defending is the main thing about the game. It badly influenced the midfield play.

Carrick is not physical at all and Ive been syaing that for the whole year. He isnt a ball winner either. Where was Evra for teh whole fucking match? Rooney couldnt pass a ball for shit and overrated Tevez didnt make his typical overhyped impacts off the bench. Our best player today was Ronaldo. Anyways good job Barca, you ooutplayed Man Utd today. Im not making excuses btw, just pointing out noticeable flaws in the Man Utd team. O yea, fuck John O shea. He can roate many positions agaisnt smaller teams but cant do SHIT and always forgets to makr his man (messi) during big games (liverpool) I hope Wes Brown coems back better than ever also Owen, we could use their toughness....

Oh and I wont be bandwagoning with another team like typical Man Utd supporters for all you hypocrites out there. Btw all Man Utd haters, what trophies have your teams won in the last 3 years.