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NintendoMonopoly said:

      Well it's not a whole lot of info, but it's better than looking for hidden messages in random pics of clouds.   So far, it's looking quite a bit more impressive, than I expected. I was already hyped, when I thought it was going to be close to the same level as the 1st one, but those pics definitely look both more exciting and stylish. Clearly, the graphics have been improved, as well. Hopefully, the rest of the game is coming along just well or who knows... maybe even better (my selfishness knows no bounds/img/smiley-embarassed.gif" border="0" alt="Embarassed" />)!

       But wait! I thought NMH was a massive failure. Why would Suda want to increase the amount of time and effort put into designing and polishing, for this outing. If this doen't turn out to be NMH: Desperate On-Rails Mini-Game Struggle, I think it's safe to assume some Ninty money hatting was involved.

It was Suda's best selling game, believe it or not. I'm not surprised there's a sequel. The first one finished open-endedly.