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Soleron said:
Kasz216 said:
superchunk said:
USA - Muslim - Evolution is obvious. God created laws which everything follows. Evolution is one of those many, yet, fundamental processes of life.

I agree with everything but the Muslim part...

why this gets listed as "Other" i don't know... since nothing in evolution rules out god. 

In fact Darwin believed in god.

Not any god in particular though.  He was basically an agnostic who leaned towards god existing.

A deist more or less.

I mean your belief is just... evolution.

I mean saying you believe in the laws of gravity and that those laws were created by god doesn't mean you don't believe in gravity.

If you think gravity or evolution are good theories that implies you think the scientific method is a good framework for interpreting the universe. All experiments done tend to suggest everything follows inviolable rules and is deterministic. Invoking a supernatural God is, by definition, clearly at odds with this; this is why science is 'in conflict' with religion.


Say you and I are Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Galaxy.  Our world follows set rules that are inviolable and deterministic.

So this would suggest that there was no programmer who created our game world?

Should Mario and Luigi be atheists?  Everything by your definition suggests it.  Yet we know that a "God" created their world... with those rules.

It's not too far a stretch to suggest we will be able to come up with computer programs with "free will."

Heck it's not too far of a stretch to suggest that we ARE computer programs with free will.