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Kwaad, I love your attitude.. It's nice to see that your simple opinion attracts such passionate, furious responses and personal attacks on your person.. just a tip: free speech only counts when you follow the masses (at least in the great big country overseas) I always have to laugh when I see people defending their game console as if it is their near family, their close friends, or even their own person. Guys, get a life! a console is only a product you can buy, companies like MS, Sony and Nintendo try to make a profit on (well, MS not, they lost 5 billion in the past 5 years). It's not a religion.. My personal preference, I think I will buy a PS3 (no, I know it) it looks great, I don"t want MS to succeed to monopolize yet another market and it's fun enough. The Wii might come later, but I am taking your advise, Kwaad, and see if their are some games that can keep me interested for longer than a week.