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@ warioswoods: My TV is a tube TV, no processing or converting... still I think VC lags a bit. Don't you think it could be VC's fault? I mean, it's an emulator, so there probably are additional "abstraction layers" that are causing latency. When I want to skip dialogue, I find myself pressing the buttons too early everytime. I'd swear that WW and TP feel more direct or responsive.

@ Chizum: Does the Wii switch to 50Hz automatically then, even if the system framerate is set to 60Hz? And speed is really corrected? Ok, maybe I really just got used to the newer Zelda games...
You said component cables make for a "smoother" feel - do you mean regarding the framerate, or the lag, or something else?

On the sound glitches: you are right, it's minimal. It's just that I don't like the feeling that something is not 100% original...

Ha, I'm probably sounding like quite the pedant :) Sorry for that, it's just annoying me that somehow something doesn't feel right. Thanks for your answers, everybody.

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