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Avarice28 said:
I think instead of printing a retraction, pachter is trying to do either a cover up or a bold face lie to save face. I know quite abit of people who have 360's who are not on live due to the fee. The other half of the people I know have live but have already traded GTA4 in for another game, so it makes no since to pay for the game plus 20 bucks for the download. So IMOB I think the DLC came a little to late to really impact DLC revenue that much. Pachter is IMOB full of cow chips, he has been wrong before, and this is not going to change. Take what he said about the 1 million downloads and now not hitting earlier predicts with a grain of salt. It is more in the middle like 19 million 360's are online and the DLC probably only sold like 680k the first week. Do the math and this does "not" add up to 25 million.


 There is no fee for going onto live but don't let the facts get in the way of your "analysis"