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makingmusic476 said:
Pristine20 said:
makingmusic476 said:
I may buy one. I sold mine when I got my launch ps3, but now I fear that my ps3 could crap out on me and I won't be able to get another BC one from Sony.

My BC ps3 crapped out. Sony sent me the same 60gb model brand new to boot. I think it's also required by US law or something so you don't need a ps2.



Mine crapped out on me (the disc drive's motor broke so no discs would spin, lol) and I got a refurbed 60gb back (looked brand new except for some scuff marks on the side).  I'm honestly not all that worried about it.  For every person that sends there's in and gets another one back, they can then refurbish that person's system and ship it to somebody else.

At worst, I'd just have to wait a bit longer than usual while they refurbish my own system.

In my case, I got the infamous YLOD. The ps3 sony sent back looked new. Maybe it was refurbished after all lol. I couldn't find any marks at all.

I actually still have my slim ps2 anyway lol.

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