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BoleroOfFire said:
izaaz101 said:
Maynard_Tool said:
OF course i won't crash, i already have 100 hours of flight time, and it's just going up hill from here. I had a perfect exam people xD what r u talking about crashin'

Well, you know.......birds are crazy these days. They're real risk takers........they'll fly straight into your engine. I'm just wondering if you're equipped to handle such a disaster. I mean, you probably have a fire extinguisher and all that jazz........but do you have crackers? What if Polly wants crackers?!? What are you going to do man?!?

Lmao!!!  You're silly.  Fine, I'll take the first flight.  But if we have to do an emergency landing, we're going down in False Creek!  


That's perfectly fine with me. I don't actually live in Vancouver......I live a little ways away in Surrey. So a plane going into False Creek won't affect me!

Well, wait.........it'll screw up Granville Street, which I use to go to school, so I'd be late for school........or skipping all my classes. That might make me fail. Dammit.

Touche Bolero, you win this round.