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Pop limit only 40? That's not good. Maybe the X360 can't handle more units.


 Is this a joke post????

LOL. If you have played it you would know that there is at points so many units on screen. It is a strategic move to make it a strategy RTS rather than the usual my armies bigger so I win.

Dont post unecessary post dude. :)


you know little about rts's.


Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. Either way, he is enjoying the game immensly. Which is absolutely what video games are for.

I'm sure Halo Wars is an excellent game , that seems be the general consensus . But when some one attacks a genre so close to my heart I gotta say something.


Dude not an attack. Ive always found RTs's to easy because of the fact that you hold off the intial attck. Sart building your army. Once you max the army yo attck and almost always win the mission with that one attack. Thats my experience with games like Starcraft, Dawn of War, C&C, Age Of empires etc. Even Empire Earth is a game that is a race to top tech level and then you'll win.

For me finally a game that relies entirely on strategy. That's why I am so hyped up after playing Halo Wars.