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As recent complaints have surfaced regarding the Killzone 2 "lag", other comments have come to my attention where people of the 60GB and older launch models do not have this lag, while 40GB or newer models do.  It is not even just this game.  One user I stumbled upon during a conversation of trying to figure out the source of the "lag" said this:

I have two PS3s, one at home and one at the office. The home model is a launch system, while the office system is a 40GB unit. And I can say with the utmost certainty that the 40GB model is noticeably slower in anything pertaining to the HDD, which has impacted game performance for several titles. Recently, I've noted that SFIV and Warhawk behave differently between the two systems.

So, since this has sparked my interest, I thought I would ask everyone on here for their inputs?  Give me your PS3 model(s), TV type and/or refresh rate as well as video cable (HDMI, component, composite, etc), whether controller was plugged in via charge cable or wireless, any personal observations pertaining to slower loading/lag in certain games, and I will form up a report to see if there really is some issue with the newer revisions that are causing things to react/load slower.

Perhaps there was a minor hardware revision other than just removing the back-compat and the card reader slots + 2 USB ports?  Perhaps they are using a different brand/speed/cache size hard drive in the newer models?  I will look into that if I can see a clear connection to these issues.

This is not some thread to bash on the PS3, as most of these issues are very miniscule.  It simply peaked my interest and any honest input from your fellow PS3 owners would be appreciated.