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Gnizmo said:
tehsage said:
Name some bad games developed by Nintendo plz

 Mario is Lost in Time. I can give more if needed.

 Harmonix really shouldn't be on that list. Not only have they not been around all that long, but they also did the god awfule GH: Rock the 80s. It is an interesting list all the same. I can't say I really agree with it, but I have atypical tastes. The only developer I would add is Treasure, but no one knows about them so what can ya do.

To be fair, Mario's Time Machine was not developed by Nintendo.  That's like counting Faces of Evil/Wand of Gamelon/Zelda's Adventure against them.  Although, maybe we should...

Harmonix probably shouldn't be eligible, I agree.

Treasure made Stretch Panic.  If you want to argue that Stretch Panic was actually good, well, good luck...

EDIT: And even if you do, they also made Dragon Drive.  It's okay, though.  I've forgiven them.

Hates Nomura.

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