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shio said:
While those studios haven't made bad games, some of them they still made mediocre games:
- Lionhead Studios, for example, made the mediocre Fable and the decent Fable 2, and both are not good games.
- Kojima Studios made the not-so-good Metal Gear Solid 2, and that bad game called MGS: Portable Ops Plus (or so I've heard).
- Bioware made the very mediocre Jade Empire.

The rest seems fine, though I don't know much about Intelligent Systems. I'm surprised you didn't pick quality juggernauts like Blizzard, Stardock and Relic.

Both Fable titles are well-regarded, whether you agree or not, as are MGS2, Portable Ops, and Jade Empire.

Stardock is more of a publisher and hasn't been around that long.

Relic isn't very old, either.


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