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- See if friends are in a game already or other info (Icon color)
- Join them in the lobby they are in.
- see Friend invitations on the periphery of the screen and not dead center ala COD WAW Wii, then choose to join in a separate menu.
- be able to spectate so you dont get kicked out of the server for inactivity of 5 mins
- have modes where its 7 on 9, 1 on 15 based on someone's rank/skill.
- have some way of communication other than WiiSpeak ala MOHH2 but useful ("Theyre flanking us left", "He's on your 6!!")
- A room for chatting with friends to set up games

That is all I can think of now. Well that and they better have wicked awesome Maps at least as good as COD WAW Wii. NOT MOHH2.